WP Engine vs. GoDaddy Comparison Review

WP Engine and GoDaddy are very popular web hosting companies – but their offers are individually different and chances are, no one would end up comparing between these when it comes to choosing one from two. WP Engine is a single option website hosting company but GoDaddy comes with an array of options to choose from that matches your need and taste. For people who don’t care much about the higher priced and featured plans but the initial ones, this comparison review might be accurate. Because the initial plans from both companies are almost at a similar price point, with flexibility in their features.

wp engine vs godaddy

Plans and Features

As mentioned earlier, GoDaddy offers a whole lot of hosting options and comprehensive range of features. On the other hand, WP Engine only features one single plan with plenty of options, good enough for newbies.

GoDaddy: Three plans are offered, ranging from $1.00/month to $7.99/month. The Economy plan is the initial plan with least number of features offered. The regular price for Economy plan from GoDaddy is $5.99, but currently a sale is going on where GoDaddy is letting the plan go at $1.00/month. Hosting coupons may be needed to avail the discount.

Under the Economy plan, GoDaddy offers 1 domain registration, unlimited bandwidth and 100 GB hard drive space. From the 2nd year, regular renewal fee for domain registration would appy.

WP Engine: Regular pricing for WP Engine’s single shared web hosting plan is $99/month. They are currently offering 80% off on the hosting plan so the rounder up pricing is now $29/month. If you use wp engine coupons you will get first 3 months free. For this price, WP Engine is offering unlimited hard drive storage space, a free domain name and unlimited yet scalable bandwidth each month. Number of domains allowed are unlimited, however additional cost may incur.


GoDaddy and WP Engine both offers a very much user friendly approach towards web hosting and managing the contents. Both companies offer an easy to use control panel. For WP Engine it’s a customizable panel made by the company, one could pick cPanel as well. While for GoDaddy the control panel is industry leading cPanel by default.

Installation of apps is possible from the cPanel windows, some advanced knowledge on web hosting management may be required to proceed with such.


GoDaddy offers 99.9% uptime guarantee on their website. WP Engine doesn’t promise an uptime so perfect, but in reality both companies provide decent uptime. Even when the servers were found unresponsive, they didn’t take very long to resume operation. Page loading time is reasonably well on both GoDaddy and WP Engine, according to statistics GoDaddy seemed to have slightly faster page loading time.

Customer Support

WP Engine and GoDaddy offers excellent customer support – neither of them had made any compromise here. Both companies offer 24/7 customer support through hotline, email and live chat. Additionally, WP Engine offers a step-by-step tutorial for new users to learn managing their web hosting account.

The Q&A section answers most questions related to basic queries.


For casual blogging and a simplistic approach, we would prefer Godaddy – because they prefer only one package and there’s nothing much to worry about. For flexibility and better performance for a slightly higher price point, WP Engine may be the perfect option.

What Is A Shared Web Hosting Service?

When you are shopping around for website hosting services, shared web hosting is the most common term, you have heard about. This is true, if you are seeking for cost effective hosting services. Shared website hosting is the least costly and most popular type of paid hosting. Keep in mind; shared web hosting is not meant for everyone. Therefore, prior to deciding, it is important to know exactly whether it is really the excellent option for your needs to host your site and what you are looking for.

Introduction to shared web hosting

To make your files, software applications and pages appeared online, it is important to place them on a server. A best hosting is Bluehost hosting services. A particular server connects to the internet, making people enabled to have an access to your site. When you explore the market, there are many options available to complete this task. You can host your own web server, make use of another facility or co-location, dedicated server, or utilize server space by sharing it with others. The choice is yours. If you want to use shared web hosting, then you must remember that sharing of space is must. One of the biggest advantage of shared hosting like Bluehost is cost effective. You can save huge bucks on hosting package by sing Bluehost Coupon codes here now. You have comprehensive access to only your account and a set of features and resources with the shared web hosting.

What are the responsibilities?

With this hosting type, the provider is responsible for maintenance of server. Upgrades and general maintenance to both software and hardware are the individual responsibility of a host. However, you have responsibility of your site on your own. You will utilize a control panel to access your website. Accessing your site, you can observe your traffic, install applications, upload files and set up email accounts. Most hosting companies will assist you in maintaining your website as a portion of your package. In fact, you will share the web server with many other customers. Every one of you will be assigned a definite disc space, bandwidth and features, which you control using your control panel.

Why shared hosting is recommended?

While you might not essentially fit well with this type of hosting, however, there is a reason why shared web hosting is popular. First, it is the most reasonable option available for paid web-hosting services. Many small or medium sized businesses, persons, and quite trafficked sites will succeed in this type of hosting environment. You can check web hosting reviews on www.easywaytohosting.com blog. You will get detailed review of Bluehost web hosting and coupon codes also.

Many benefits, shared web hosting offers, including:

  • Reduced rates
  • Scalability: With the shared web hosting, you can select the minimum package with which you can upgrade as your website develops.
  • Features: This web hosting has many features to offer. It can meet all the needs and preferences of every site owner. It also provides with one click installation of well-known scripts. Chat, forums, blogs and calendars are some examples of scripts that might be incorporated in your package.

Steps to begin with Self Hosted WordPress Site

At the present scenario WordPress is certainly the best content management system available over the globe. The statistics say that there are more than 50 million websites those depend on the WordPress for their post management. Going with the WordPress platform is most recommended for a blogging. Especially, this is one of the finest options available for the beginners. Hence we have come up with the guideline that is intended for the above groups of the people only.

self hosted wordpress

Here we have presented the step by step guidance to begin with the self-hosted WordPress site.


Step 1: Have a domain first

The very first step is obviously having a suitable domain name. Most of the people take it bit more easily, which is certainly not recommended. Your domain name should perfectly present your business intention, or promotion. You can go to Dreamhost and find domain name + web hosting including huge discount by using Dreamhost coupons. It should be simple as well that one can easily remember. Next, you have to register the domain from an authorized house. It costs generally $11 for the purpose.

Step 2: Go for the hosting option

Hosting is always a crucial factor for your business success. You must go with an efficient, authorized, and secured hosting house. Though there are many names available in the market for the purpose, still Bluehost, Dreamhost and Hostgator are always the front runners. Dreamhost cost about $1.83 with use of Dreamhost Coupon codes, Bluehost demands about $5 with Bluehost coupons, and Hostgator about $4 for hosting.

Things you need for WordPress:

You must be at least having PHP edition 5 or higher, or MySQL 5 (or higher) on the server.

However, most of the hosting houses including the front liners like Dreamhost provide free domain name upon signing for the initial time, read all features of Dreamhost Hosting. Anyway, distinct hosting and domain options are also good. You can get higher level of flexibility in this way. The most important thing is that you must check the service and authentication whether you go with separate hosting and domain or within a single package.

Step 3: Link the domain name and hosting

Now you can ask the hosting house for the DNS of your site. Provide the DNS into your domain register account. Through the process you can make sure that the domain name is in accordance with the hosting.

Step 4: Have the WordPress on your system

Installation of WordPress has become a pretty simple task these days. The contemporary hosting houses make it a work of a few minutes. The WordPress is just a single click install along sleek script tools those can be found in Cpanel.

Step 5: Give it a better look

Here the WordPress site is ready for you. Now you just need to customize the way you want. Your site’s look should be in accordance with your business idea. On this regard you should take the help of awesome WordPress themes. There are many free of cost themes available in the market. However, going with commercial options is most recommended for the professional blogs/sites.

Step 6: Start the process:

Now you can install the exciting themes and kick start with your favorite stuff.

We are quite sure going through the steps you can certainly begin the process with your self-hosted WordPress site. Anyway, we are open for any kind of question if a problem arises while going through.

Why Hostgator is best for bloggers

Passion is a point, but bloggers definitely love to have money from their blogs. A perfect hosting option is really very important from financial aspects for any blogger. On this context, Hostgator is the much preferred option. It not only the experts, is it equally recommended for the beginners as well. Anyway, first let’s have a look at the options Hostgator provide in terms of hosting.

Hostgator coupons

The Hosting Options:

Let’s start with the Hostgator Shared hosting. In this case, the users will be sharing the server with others. Mostly, this is perfect for the beginners.

Next is the Reseller hosting, which is best for those who has to deal with a client at a distinct place. It comes with various IPs that enables you to check the task at your targeted systems. For getting discount in the pricing you can always try Hostgator promo codes and save up to 30% money.

Talking about Dedicated hosting, this is a good pick for the Pro bloggers those love to see the rush traffic always. Here, the entire server remains devoted for you only. And finally, VPS hosting is a good option if you need the remote server access. VPS hosting is also recommended if customization is a factor for you.

Cost Effective:

As we have said above it’s the money that matters ultimately, and, the Hostgator understands it well. It’s incredible to see the way it offers infinite memory, emails, add-ons, and many others at such a lower price.

The excellent specs even get more attractive with the Hostgator coupon codes. You can wait for some months and get benefit from the Hostgator Cyber Monday 2015 and save upto 75% on all hosting packages.

Qualities those make it the best:

Excellent Customer Support and server:

Hostgator is having a great reputation for flawless customer service. It has the options of free enquiry calls, chats to deal with all your issues. The support ticket system is really a creative approach in terms of providing the customer service. In addition, the Pro users can enjoy a special toll free number for their purpose. It provides 99% uptime with servers, so that there is no interruption in between.


Nothing can be a better option than Hostgator while talking about the add-on services. In fact, it works even better with popular CMS. For better usage of the beginners, it has been provided with enough installation tips, site building tools, and back-end support. To take care of the marketing issues for your blogs/sites it provides the option of Adwords credit which is best among the contemporaries. Hostgator blends the most efficient SEO package those apply unique approaches for the bloggers.

Final Verdict:

We have discussed on almost every aspect with Hostgator, and it is too evident that the hosting platform gets full mark on every occasion. No matter you are here for an ecommerce site, or blogging, the Hostgator should be your hosting priority.

Why self hosted WordPress is better than Blogger

Everyday there are hundreds and thousands of writers emerging online and trying to start their know blog. While starting with such an aim the main question that first arises in their mind is to whether go for WordPress or Blogger, i.e. whether to go for a more customizable and quick start feature provided by WordPress or to go for simple, neat but also a secure webhosting provided by Blogger.

wordpress vs blogger

We got some insight on which to chose and why after all these observations and responses that I got from many different users who worked on WordPress as well as Blogger. Thus we came to a conclusion that self hosted WordPress is better than Blogger for which we are going to provide you with basic pros and cons of both the aspects, read more about this on www.hostingdecision.com blog.


1. It is Customizable and trendy also the user is provided with a lot of of themes and features to customize the blog in his own style and to make it look tacky and unique as he wishes to. Such features on the other hand are not provided by Blogger.

2. WordPress free software which is very useful as well as user-friendly. Such user friendliness could not be experience in Blogger when compared to WordPress.

3. If you see from SEO prospective WordPress CMS is far better than blogger, it gives lots of advantage to web masters to optimize their blogs easily by using many SEO plugins.

4. WordPress provides the user total control over his site or blog. Being a Self hosted website WordPress give you total control over your files and data providing you all the features of downloading and editing your articles frequently. While Blogger offer many restrictions for sharing of data on the internet.

6. WordPress provides its writer’s wide platform for their written materials, giving them more options to make their writings famous and also create a name for themselves in the social community.

7. Most importantly if you are using wordpress there are thousands of free plugins for every need which you won’t find in bloggers.

Now WordPress platform is not limited to only blogging, it’s used for all purpose such as corporate sites, portfolio blogs, job sites, ecommerce sites etc etc.


There are two basic and major cons of using WordPress over blogger.

1. WordPress need your web hosting space and obviously that cost money which is not in blogger case.

2. Customization can be tough for beginners as it is quite complex and can be tricky for the beginners who are not well accustomed with it. But it is not that hard to learn. Overall it provides your blog such a great look that a user can bare such difficult start for good results.

3. WordPress is really very easy to hack. Probably the only negative point that we found for WordPress is that hacking it is not very difficult. Such things don’t happen quite often but can give a set back if ever happened.


Overall, we can say that there are many Pros of WordPress over Blogger, Blogger is a very simple and neat Webhosting site but it doesn’t provide with any of the Pros mentioned above by WordPress. Self hosted WordPress has more control on our blog. We can customize the things as much as possible. If you are worried about the hosting cost then I recommend to you go with some hosting with affordable cost. Just like Bluehost web hosting, you can use Bluehost Mazimum coupons plus FREE domain from HostingDecisions to save money while buying the hosting package. So if you want to become a professional writer and want make a living out of your articles we would advise you to go for WordPress over Blogger at any moment.

Reseller Hosting: A New Kind of Business by HostGator

HostGator, a well-known web hosting company, has started a new kind of business as a reseller web host. Hostgator has been providing its services since 2002. As a reseller web host, HostGator has made it easier for the users to operate their registered domains. HostGator provides its reliable and modest cost of web hosting service to the thousands of users who are linked with it. This new way of web hosting can provide the consumers the best way of creating or updating their websites.


How Does Reseller Webhosting Work

Reseller web hosting is another process of hosting where the customers or the account owner will have the access to use the issued hard drive space and the bandwidth to host the websites on behalf of the third group or the consumer. This system of web hosting is generally done as a profit oriented hosting service. In it a certain portion of hard drive space and the bandwidth is allocated for the reseller account. After it the reseller may lease the certain portion of the allotted hard drive space and the bandwidth to the customers which is provided by the hosting company to the reseller.

Reseller Webhosting Features

Similarly, reseller web hosting services are available in different service package. It’s been classified as five different types, that is, aluminum, copper, silver, gold and diamond. These are service packages with different hard drive spaces and bandwidths. In these the customer can select the best data package that they require and which meets their goals. On each reseller account there are unlimited domains, sub-domains, email accounts, free site-builder software and so on. You’ll have to sign up in the HostGator reseller control panel as Web Host Manager (WHM). WHM will then allows you to manage and provide the private control panels that your customers will need to create and modify their own websites. Once the customer is logged into this control panels they can easily control sub-domains, email addresses, passwords and other features without any guidance.

Actually, reseller web hosting can be better and more reliable source of web hosting through which you can make some money by allowing it on rent to your customers. With this fascinating service that HostGator has provided you, you can even start your own web hosting company. It is a new kind of business that has been proven to make you a good web host among a group of people that you’ve been coping with. Among all the web hosting services, HostGator has been satisfying over 9 millions of its users in its days of services. It has been providing necessary help and support to its clients with video tutorials and various support portals.

Until now, no one has planned on switching from HostGator to something else. With HostGator’s reseller web hosting service, your dream of being a good and reputed webhost will come true. This feature has proved as a new kind of business technique among the customers who is searching a career in web hosting.