About me

Hey there, this is Bonnie from Pinehurst, TX. I am a 22 year old digital imaging technician with a company called “Success is Yours”. I am a tech enthusiast and a true adventure lover. I have amalgamated my hobby and profession together with this tech blog recently started by me.

How I Launched this Blog

I was always interested in technology and gadgets, which made me pursue education in the engineering field and finally land with this job. But I have always wanted to do something above the ordinary in life. My passion as a tech lover has inspired me to start with this blog. My blog covers everything, from tech stuff to gadgets and gives latest information about the recent developments and gadgets launched in the market.

Looking for Tech Writers

Today, my blog is going places, which has given me the idea of expending it. As a result, I am looking for fellow writers who can contribute to it. All those tech writers out there, who are interested to do some great writing and also make money, please contact me on my website. I assure you that we will work as a team in a compatible and friendly environment, where you will enjoy working.