Can The Review Websites Be Trusted for Hosting Service

Many of us understand the value of reviews for web hosting, but not all of us are aware of its authentication. We are living in a cyber age and fake and paid reviews are very common. It is therefore very important to understand that the reviews we are going through are actually worth reading. The web hosting companies have understood the habit of checking reviews and hence injected plenty of fake positive reviews to give them an added advantage. But is there no way to differentiate the real and fake reviews? Are there trustworthy web hosting review sites? To understand it you must be aware of the purpose of the reviews. Here are the tips that can help you to understand the reviews that can really help you in choosing the websites for web hosting.

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Do Not Just Believe a Random Website

You will come across many websites claiming to be a top review website. But in reality they are actually paid one. They might not come up in Google Search but they are often floated across the social networking sites. They are just another websites which work for the hosting companies and promote them online with positive reviews. You will hardly come across any serious issues in those websites. You must understand that there will be some negative aspects about every service, but you need to prioritize them according to the impact they create.

Expert Reviews

Trustworthy websites are those which are written by technical experts. You will find people claiming to be expert but talk about excellent offers like hosting Coupons and other benefits but avoid the basic and core qualities of the service. An expert only talks about the technical stuff. It may be related to bandwidth, security and stability of the system. They will never talk about the offers the hosting service is providing instead they will take about technical aspects. The majority of the web hosting review websites are based upon offers like unlimited space, free extension and many more. However, the real websites will talk about the measures the hosting service has taken for security. You will get to know the background check of the hosting service. Any major outage or disappointing aspects will be made clear.

Customer Reviews

Always make sure that you go through the customer reviews before taking up any decision. The customer reviews are completely performance oriented and they give you complete insight of the hosting service. You will not find too many customer reviews, but you need to figure out the authentic ones. All reviews with a light tone and over praise always raise the doubt about the website. This kind of websites may be paid or fake.  The customer reviews clearly spell out the advantages and disadvantages of any hosting service.

There are many tops searched and authentic websites available to know about the services. However, you have to find out the websites from authentic sources. You may also use the social networking sites in order to get clearer views on the hosting services. You may also ask likeminded people about the same.

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