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WP Engine vs. GoDaddy Comparison Review

WP Engine and GoDaddy are very popular web hosting companies – but their offers are individually different and chances are, no one would end up comparing between these when it comes to choosing one from two. WP Engine is a single option website hosting company but GoDaddy comes with an array of options to choose from that matches your need and taste. For people who don’t care much about the higher priced and featured plans but the initial ones, this comparison review might be accurate. Because the initial plans from both companies are almost at a similar price point, with flexibility in their features.

wp engine vs godaddy

Plans and Features

As mentioned earlier, GoDaddy offers a whole lot of hosting options and comprehensive range of features. On the other hand, WP Engine only features one single plan with plenty of options, good enough for newbies.

GoDaddy: Three plans are offered, ranging from $1.00/month to $7.99/month. The Economy plan is the initial plan with least number of features offered. The regular price for Economy plan from GoDaddy is $5.99, but currently a sale is going on where GoDaddy is letting the plan go at $1.00/month. Hosting coupons may be needed to avail the discount.

Under the Economy plan, GoDaddy offers 1 domain registration, unlimited bandwidth and 100 GB hard drive space. From the 2nd year, regular renewal fee for domain registration would appy.

WP Engine: Regular pricing for WP Engine’s single shared web hosting plan is $99/month. They are currently offering 80% off on the hosting plan so the rounder up pricing is now $29/month. If you use wp engine coupons you will get first 3 months free. For this price, WP Engine is offering unlimited hard drive storage space, a free domain name and unlimited yet scalable bandwidth each month. Number of domains allowed are unlimited, however additional cost may incur.


GoDaddy and WP Engine both offers a very much user friendly approach towards web hosting and managing the contents. Both companies offer an easy to use control panel. For WP Engine it’s a customizable panel made by the company, one could pick cPanel as well. While for GoDaddy the control panel is industry leading cPanel by default.

Installation of apps is possible from the cPanel windows, some advanced knowledge on web hosting management may be required to proceed with such.


GoDaddy offers 99.9% uptime guarantee on their website. WP Engine doesn’t promise an uptime so perfect, but in reality both companies provide decent uptime. Even when the servers were found unresponsive, they didn’t take very long to resume operation. Page loading time is reasonably well on both GoDaddy and WP Engine, according to statistics GoDaddy seemed to have slightly faster page loading time.

Customer Support

WP Engine and GoDaddy offers excellent customer support – neither of them had made any compromise here. Both companies offer 24/7 customer support through hotline, email and live chat. Additionally, WP Engine offers a step-by-step tutorial for new users to learn managing their web hosting account.

The Q&A section answers most questions related to basic queries.


For casual blogging and a simplistic approach, we would prefer Godaddy – because they prefer only one package and there’s nothing much to worry about. For flexibility and better performance for a slightly higher price point, WP Engine may be the perfect option.

Steps to begin with Self Hosted WordPress Site

At the present scenario WordPress is certainly the best content management system available over the globe. The statistics say that there are more than 50 million websites those depend on the WordPress for their post management. Going with the WordPress platform is most recommended for a blogging. Especially, this is one of the finest options available for the beginners. Hence we have come up with the guideline that is intended for the above groups of the people only.

self hosted wordpress

Here we have presented the step by step guidance to begin with the self-hosted WordPress site.


Step 1: Have a domain first

The very first step is obviously having a suitable domain name. Most of the people take it bit more easily, which is certainly not recommended. Your domain name should perfectly present your business intention, or promotion. You can go to Dreamhost and find domain name + web hosting including huge discount by using Dreamhost coupons. It should be simple as well that one can easily remember. Next, you have to register the domain from an authorized house. It costs generally $11 for the purpose.

Step 2: Go for the hosting option

Hosting is always a crucial factor for your business success. You must go with an efficient, authorized, and secured hosting house. Though there are many names available in the market for the purpose, still Bluehost, Dreamhost and Hostgator are always the front runners. Dreamhost cost about $1.83 with use of Dreamhost Coupon codes, Bluehost demands about $5 with Bluehost coupons, and Hostgator about $4 for hosting.

Things you need for WordPress:

You must be at least having PHP edition 5 or higher, or MySQL 5 (or higher) on the server.

However, most of the hosting houses including the front liners like Dreamhost provide free domain name upon signing for the initial time, read all features of Dreamhost Hosting. Anyway, distinct hosting and domain options are also good. You can get higher level of flexibility in this way. The most important thing is that you must check the service and authentication whether you go with separate hosting and domain or within a single package.

Step 3: Link the domain name and hosting

Now you can ask the hosting house for the DNS of your site. Provide the DNS into your domain register account. Through the process you can make sure that the domain name is in accordance with the hosting.

Step 4: Have the WordPress on your system

Installation of WordPress has become a pretty simple task these days. The contemporary hosting houses make it a work of a few minutes. The WordPress is just a single click install along sleek script tools those can be found in Cpanel.

Step 5: Give it a better look

Here the WordPress site is ready for you. Now you just need to customize the way you want. Your site’s look should be in accordance with your business idea. On this regard you should take the help of awesome WordPress themes. There are many free of cost themes available in the market. However, going with commercial options is most recommended for the professional blogs/sites.

Step 6: Start the process:

Now you can install the exciting themes and kick start with your favorite stuff.

We are quite sure going through the steps you can certainly begin the process with your self-hosted WordPress site. Anyway, we are open for any kind of question if a problem arises while going through.