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Why Hostgator is best for bloggers

Passion is a point, but bloggers definitely love to have money from their blogs. A perfect hosting option is really very important from financial aspects for any blogger. On this context, Hostgator is the much preferred option. It not only the experts, is it equally recommended for the beginners as well. Anyway, first let’s have a look at the options Hostgator provide in terms of hosting.

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The Hosting Options:

Let’s start with the Hostgator Shared hosting. In this case, the users will be sharing the server with others. Mostly, this is perfect for the beginners.

Next is the Reseller hosting, which is best for those who has to deal with a client at a distinct place. It comes with various IPs that enables you to check the task at your targeted systems. For getting discount in the pricing you can always try Hostgator promo codes and save up to 30% money.

Talking about Dedicated hosting, this is a good pick for the Pro bloggers those love to see the rush traffic always. Here, the entire server remains devoted for you only. And finally, VPS hosting is a good option if you need the remote server access. VPS hosting is also recommended if customization is a factor for you.

Cost Effective:

As we have said above it’s the money that matters ultimately, and, the Hostgator understands it well. It’s incredible to see the way it offers infinite memory, emails, add-ons, and many others at such a lower price.

The excellent specs even get more attractive with the Hostgator coupon codes. You can wait for some months and get benefit from the Hostgator Cyber Monday 2015 and save upto 75% on all hosting packages.

Qualities those make it the best:

Excellent Customer Support and server:

Hostgator is having a great reputation for flawless customer service. It has the options of free enquiry calls, chats to deal with all your issues. The support ticket system is really a creative approach in terms of providing the customer service. In addition, the Pro users can enjoy a special toll free number for their purpose. It provides 99% uptime with servers, so that there is no interruption in between.


Nothing can be a better option than Hostgator while talking about the add-on services. In fact, it works even better with popular CMS. For better usage of the beginners, it has been provided with enough installation tips, site building tools, and back-end support. To take care of the marketing issues for your blogs/sites it provides the option of Adwords credit which is best among the contemporaries. Hostgator blends the most efficient SEO package those apply unique approaches for the bloggers.

Final Verdict:

We have discussed on almost every aspect with Hostgator, and it is too evident that the hosting platform gets full mark on every occasion. No matter you are here for an ecommerce site, or blogging, the Hostgator should be your hosting priority.